As the new year approaches and couples get down to the final details of their upcoming wedding some are wondering what is trending in 2018 couples. Whats a 2017 trend that you want to see go?


“Rustic” is out and “Woodsy” is IN!

You may be asking yourself, what the heck is “woodsy”. Well to be honest its very close to rustic but minus the great mason jar and burlap obsession of 2017. Woodsy has more greenery and natural wood¬† accents than the old rustic look we were seeing last year. Barn venues are still totally in as they work well with the nature greenery theme that the woodsy trend is trying to bring. Now just like the rustic obsession there are many kinds of “woodsy” themes like, woodsy chic- maybe with some blush and gold tones in the accents and wedding attire of the bridal party or lumberjack woodsy- yes think black and red checker fabric but classier. Some couples have used the black and red checker fabric over hay bales for guests to sit on or provided them to people to wrap up with next to a fire or at the ceremony on a cool September afternoon. I’m not going to lie- I have seen my fair share of mason jars over the last year- I even had some at my wedding but I am happy to see this trend on the way out. Just look up “woodsy Wedding” images on google and you too will fall in love with this trend!


Navy is the new Black

Navy was a big trend in 2017 but its in full swing for 2018. Many wedding websites are noting that Navy is the new Black and that its popping up all over the country and all kinds of wedding venue styles. This color can be found on the bridal party or as the main color of the decor. Some brides who are taking the more relaxed approach to their wedding have even purchased a color wedding dress instead of your traditional white or ivory.


Bring on the Formal

Also in 2018 couples are bringing back the older traditions of formality in both the event and the attire request of their guests. More and more wedding coordinators are noting how important it is for their couples to have the more traditional things that were slowly being phased out from weddings. For example: Having the father “give” the bride away, ushers walk the single women down to their seats at the ceremony and even making sure that grandparents and parents get flowers to wear the day of the wedding.


Unique Entertainment for the Guest

Even with bringing back some of the more formality mentioned above many couples are trying to bring unique and fun things to entertain their guest. That could be something as unique as a turntable type DJ to get down with some custom beats or food trucks with custom menu options that the couple to be loves or even unique entertainment like belly dancers or Irish dancers to entertain during cocktail or dinner time. The key word here is “custom” and couples are looking to a leave a lasting memory for their guests as well as themselves.


Wedding trends change year to year and 2018 sounds like a very fun year! Tucker Farms Events is looking forward to seeing all the fun, unique and personal touches our couples have in store for their guests in the 2018 year. Are you or someone you know looking for a wedding officiant? Please feel free to check out our website at and get caught up on our blog posts and read about the many offerings Tucker Farms Events has for you and your wedding day!


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