Valentine’s Day Ideas 2018

I am someone who believes that Valentine’s Day is not just on February 14th but every day of the year. I personally think that you should love your family and partners the same on February 14th as you do on August 25th. With that being said Valentine’s Day is a big day to do that little someone extra for the one(s) you love. I have a few fun ideas that will not break the bank (accept for maybe the second idea) that you can do in a reasonable amount of time. I personally love homemade gifts- or things that people maybe didn’t make themselves but is a special made item. With that said the ideas I have below are of that nature. Now I must admit I did not come up with these on my own so I will put the link to where I did find the idea so that you can check out the website for other ideas.


7 Days Of Love


My favorite idea is this 7-days of love. It is so simple but so personal. You can purchase the medicine pack at a local dollar tree and then get the smaller individual bags of candy either at the dollar store, Target or Walmart or whatever store you like. You can fill the slots with your partners favorite candy and a small little I love you note or compliment. 




Date Night Envelopes


My next favorite pick is this date night in an envelope. (Now this one can get expensive but is totally worth it) I think this would be a really good gift for your first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife or newly engaged couples. Now this gift will take some time to prep so if you’re starting the week of Valentine’s Day this might not be the best option. So basically there is an envelope for each month of the year and inside in a “prepackaged and fully paid for activity” Now this activity can be a $10- gift card to the local supermarket for a dinner night at home that you make together, maybe its gift card to the local movie theater for 2 tickets, a drink and bag of popcorn or maybe it’s something more elaborate for your anniversary month or special holiday- maybe you get a surprise weekend away somewhere within driving distance for a night or two with a restaurant already picked out and the menu printed. There are so many ways to WOW her or him with this gift idea from the heart.




My last idea is something that I might hold on to for the back of my mind for my husband and I. If your wedding anniversary falls near Valentines or on Valentine’s Day, the first wedding anniversary gift is paper. Now this can go so many ways but I just love the idea of a little map set like the one linked here. There is a printed map of where you met, where you got engaged and where you were married. You could also do this with map coordinates instead of the traditional map or there are even these astronomy night maps that you could do as well. I will link the Etsy shop below for the astronomy night sky ones. These are so cool! You let the shop know the dates you want and then they get what the night’s stars were on those dates….. Would be cool for the space lover in your life.





Wishing all our couples a wonderful and romantic Valentine’s Day 2018 and remember Valentine’s Day should be celebrated every day. Life is a special gift and we should always remember to love the ones were with!