DIY wedding center piece for July 2016

Centerpieces can be overwhelming and sometime over priced. I personally love the DIY approach so many couples are taking these days. Below are my top two most cost effective center pieces i’v seen this year.

I know my husband and I made our centerpieces and they ended up costing about $5-$7 each total. We were quoted for a simple boho style green floral centerpiece with some branches at about $45-$60 each, having 14 tables that was not going to be in the budget. Thankfully we have experience with power tools and were able to make the boxes out of scrap wood we already had on hand and then asked all our friends and family to please save any brown paper label beer bottles. (It took almost the whole 2 year engagement to get the amount of bottle needed) but it worked and save us a bunch of money. Using the empty beer bottle also cut down on the flowers needed since really only 1-2 stem fit in each bottle.


#1 Tucker Farms Events boho wood box and bottle centerpiece

DIY center piece boxes

These boho boxes are made of simple pine boards. They hold a standard size beer bottle in width and hold a total of 7 bottles in length. They have been lightly sanded and stained with a dark antique glaze. These boxes were made by: Matt Taylor for his wedding on 09.09.2017.

#2 July 2016 Wedding at Kitz Farm

DIY wedding center piece for July 2016

This is another great idea. This creation was created by Rachel who thought why buy fresh when they die and you can appreciate the dried or artificial all year long. These unique shaped bowls were found at Michel’s the bride and groom used the 40% coupons and bought one at a time saving them loads of money, since each bowl was originally $19.99. Rachel a very money savvy bride went to the dollar Tree to find the remainder of her items – the rocks and moss and even the plastic succulents. These center pieces were beautiful and elegant all while serving the purpose of center piece and table number guide.


Here are some other great photo ideas


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Look at this cute approach. Not only cute but nice for the environment by recycling a tin can- spray painting it a color that matches your wedding look and adding a small group of flowers or greens.

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I could see someone using dried flowers in an arrangement this the one above. Again a cost effective center piece when you have a lot of tables to dress. There little jars can be found at a local craft store- if you plan ahead like Bride Rachel you can by then with coupons saving you even more money. You can also find neat things like this at local yard sales.

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I just LOVE this small tin idea. It combos as a center piece and table number all in one. This would totally work great for a small back yard wedding or garden themed or location wedding.