Over the past couple of months I have seen and been asked more and more about child care suggestions for the wedding reception. I find more and more people want their family and friends to be able to come and celebrate them on their big day but also know and understand how hard it is to do so when your family or friends have young children.

There are a few different ways that you can combat this question if you find yourself also wondering about these services and what your options might be.

#1 I know that care.com is big in my area, in fact I have a few friends who have hired their nannies from that website. Most people have background checks as well as references. You pay through the site so it make it easy and worry free. You might have to reach out to a handful of people to see if they would be interested in watching multiple children. Maybe you want to hire two people or more depending on your need. I know that asking for a meeting- almost like an interview is normal with this site. The people I know that have used this site have had multiple interviews face to face with the candidate’s of their choosing.

#2 Since Tucker Farms Events is based out of NH it would not be right if I did not research a local company that also offers these services. Now I must make a statement here that I have not used this company before or know anyone who has but they have great reviews and very reasonable prices. The company name is: Wedding Care New England and you can click here to go to their website. They are also on the knot so you can click here to see their reviews. They are based out of Manchester NH and look like they work with the surroundingĀ  states.

#3 Another option is always someones older child who might not be interested in dancing or is just under the age for your adult reception. I know when my husband and I got married we have an adult reception of 21+. So maybe someones son or daughter who has experience can go back to one of the hotel rooms with the kids and have a movie or some arts and crafts for them.

I know the biggest reason that people have been reaching out or posting on this subject is because they are sad to see most guests leave by 8 pm when they have younger children. I totally understand, offering a nanny or babysitter is a great way to say to friends and family we want you have have a great time and enjoy yourself without worrying about your child/children.

Happy Planning!