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Tucker Farms Events is so excited to announce that we will be offering Baptism and/or Baby Blessing  ceremonies in 2018.

Some of you may be asking yourself what the difference is between a Baptism and Baby Blessing. A Baptism is a religious ceremony that is for anyone however is mostly known for infants. It is normally done in a church but are also done outside of the 4 walls of a church. The process contains holy water and prayer as well as the intentions to bring the child up in the faith of the Lord.

The Baby Blessing is very similar to a Baptism but is a non religious service where you present the infant or young child to family/friends and the community. It is a service that promotes love and support in a non religious way. These ceremonies are normally held at a family home, lake or garden. A meaningful place for the couple or family.

It is such an honor to offer the first of these services to a very close and important person in the Tucker Farms Events family circle for mid spring 2018. This service will become open to others starting in mid-July 2018.

This is an extension of Tucker Farms Events and I am so excited and happy to offer these services. Much like the wedding services that Tucker Farms Events offers the Baptism/Baby Blessings are done with love, care and dedication. Tucker Farms Events is a small family operated NH based business who focuses on the people of the state. We are honored to be a part of your day- Baby, child or wedding!


If you are interested or know someone who is interested in these services I can be reached at:

Email: info@tuckerfarmsevents.org

Phone: 603-418-4018