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A little about myself… My name is Kelsey and I grew up in New Hampshire my whole life- a few towns here and there but home grown NH girl. There is something about New England that keeps me here. Sometimes I think it’s the weather but then other times I think it is because of the uniqueness that New England brings from the food to the history of the old homes. Tucker Farms is located in Northwood, NH a small but fun town. I do all of my meet and greet appointment in our old 1800’s farm house that my husband and I share together or at the local Starbucks in Epping, NH. In 2018 we welcomed our first child, a son and we have 2 rescue dogs that we treat more like children than pets but if you ask me- they go hand in hand. Tucker Farms offers wedding ceremony services and Baptism/Baby Blessing ceremonies at the venue of your choosing, NH park or trail head-park or other unique location.


***New In 2018***

Tucker Farms Events will now be offering DIY party help. Do you see something on Pinterest or Etsy that you love but need help setting everything up and putting all the projects together or do you not know where to start to get the “look” your going for? Tucker Farms Events can help with the execution of your party. Leave it to us to put all the DIY party parts together, show up to the event for assistance to set up the party.


Tucker Farms Events will also start offering Baptism and/or Baby Blessing ceremonies in 2018. Click here to learn more about these services.


Why pick Tucker Farms Events for your wedding?

I pride myself in being personal and accommodating for you and your spouse. I think that wedding planning should be fun and adventurous and not be dragged down by the overwhelming cost in all the details. In ALL of my weddings I include the following:

* Complimentary meet and greet (In person, Skype or phone)

* Complimentary Knot profile set up and assistance with personal site at no extra cost

* Wide selection of sample wedding ceremony readings

* Custom ceremony readings at no extra cost

* Wedding day services

* All paperwork filed within 24 business hours from your wedding date

* Unlimited Calls, Emails and Texts during your planning process

* Never pay for your officiant to stay overnight if a rehearsal is requested

* Complimentary 25 miles for travel the day of your event

(Reasonable rates over 25 miles)

I believe that your services with Tucker Farms Events should be honest and open! You will find No hidden fees and no bunch of “extra” add ons services that increase the base fee.


My biggest advice when picking your wedding officiant is to ask some of the following questions:

* Do you charge extra for travel? if yes, how much?

* How much travel is included in the base package (10, 20, 25 miles) and where do you start your mileage tracker from (Do they start from their home- what town is that)?

* Do you charge a travel fee for both the rehearsal and the wedding day? (this is often a hidden cost)

* Is your travel fee round trip or one way?

* Do you charge extra for a custom ceremony 



Do me a favor and think back to the last wedding that you went to, how did it make you feel? I personally have not been to a wedding that doesn’t fill me with joy and give me goosebumps. I love to see the joy on everyone’s faces and not just the bride and groom but the guest who have come together to support and love the couple. I want to be able to share in people’s happiness and I think that I can bring a lot of fun, organization and creative mind to each of the brides and grooms I provide my services to.



One of our new services for 2018 is offering Baptism and/or Baby Blessing ceremonies. Click here to learn more about these services.

I hope you click through the tabs on my website and please email with any questions you may have. I would love to hear from you.

I am currently assisting brides and grooms that are celebrating their wedding services in New Hampshire and southern Maine only at this time- this also goes for the Baptism and Baby Blessing ceremonies.



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